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Explore dozens of tariffs from top telecom suppliers in your area and enjoy a break free communication around your business.

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Select the packages that covers all your business telecommunication requirements and miss no important calls from your clients.

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Experience zero line distortion or disconnection while you switch your telecom supplier so that your business can run all smooth and steady.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Little help you understand your need It's worth your time.

MPRN is an acronym for Meter Point Reference Number. It is linked to your gas supply. It is a unique 6 to 10 digit number which is assigned to each property in UK with a gas supply.

Line rent is a fixed charge you are supposed to pay per month to keep your telecom line activated by your provider.

Fiber optics are thin strands of very pure glass which are very long. They are used to transmit light signals over long distances. They support high speed internet.

Its not necessary to change your router upon switching your telecom supplier. However you can always request a new one from your supplier if the previous one is not working up to your expectations.

You can have up to 30 lines supporting one number. Though the line rent would be charged per channel.

KWH is an acronym for Kilo Watt Hour. Kilo means 1000. Watt is a unit of energy. 1 KWH = 1 unit. If 1000 watts are consumed in an hour than one unit is dropped.

Standing charge is a fixed amount charged by suppliers to the customers. It is a per day charge. We can also call it as a maintenance charge for the meter. Some suppliers charge it and some don't.

Rollover contract, also refers to an automatic renewal, is a situation when your contract automatically gets renewed after its completion with your current supplier. This happens when you don't provide termination notice to your current supplier in your renewal period. This can make you pay higher energy prices than an average market unit rate.

Renewal period is a time between 60 to 90 days before the expiry of your current energy contract. It's a duration in which you search the market for the quest of better rates for your upcoming contract. Its also a time when you can send termination letter to your current supplier if you wish to change your energy provider for your new energy contract.

Termination notice is letter (call/email) which you deliver to your current energy supplier if you wish to switch to another supplier after your current contract ends. Usually termination notice is made in your renewal period.

Normally it takes 21 to 25 days maximum to transfer your contract from one supplier to another.

Your energy supply doesn't get affected because your meter doesn't change upon switching supplier, it is taken over.

LOA is an acronym for Letter of Authority. It is used for asking out important information from your existing supplier such as half hourly data, contract end date, renewal prices on behalf of you.

The reason behind estimated bills is estimated reading taken by your current supplier upon which the bill is calculated. To sort this problem we can always install a smart meter at our property.

A smart meter is an electronic device that records consumption of electricity/gas and communicates that information back to the current supplier for monitoring and billing on a daily basis.

Electricity meter have 4 types in terms of having different readings. This also affects the no. unit rates which you'll pay in a day or a week.

  1. Single reading meter (Base-rate meter) (Standard meter)
  2. Two reading meter (Day and night meter) (Economy 7)
  3. Two reading meter (Weekday, evening and weekend meter) (Flexi 2)
  4. Three reading meter (Weekday, night, evening and weekend meter) (Flexi 3)

Supply number helps to identify your profile class, meter type, address and consumption as well. It is written in a rectangular box on your bill. It has 7 small boxes, 3 in the top line and 4 at the bottom.

MPAN is an acronym for Meter Point Administration Number. It is linked to your electricity supply. It is a part of you supply number as it's bottom line. MPAN is of 13 digits. It is a unique number which sometimes help in identifying the electricity meter at your property as well.

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