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With "let's switch” you can get an instant hold onto amazing discounts, offered by several energy suppliers and access cheapest deals available in your area.

Our Relationship with Trusted Energy Providers

Whether it's big six business energy suppliers or other alternative cheapest energy providers, "let's switch" connects you with the best of what you were looking forward to.

Our Commitment towards our Customers

Our expert energy advisers are always there for you to sort out all your energy matters as soon as we receive your query. Remember that, our customer's satisfaction is our ultimate win.

Promising Cut Down on Your Bills

What not, once you switch with "let's switch" you'll witness a notably visible change in your monthly bill amount. All you have to do is to click on "LET'S SWITCH" button and start the process of saving 100s of pounds per annum.

Why Business Energy Bills are High?

Complicated Switching Process
Misleading Energy Deals
Busy Managing Business

Find out the available Energy Suppliers and exclusive deals in your area.

Factors that affect your business energy bill-amount

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The location of your business

Your geographical location has a lot to do with how much you’ll pay for your energy consumption. There are areas with quite less energy cost i.e. London, while some of them are comparatively very expensive as such Scotland and in some cases Wales as well.

The nature of your business:

The type of business you run shapes the figure you’ll pay for your energy. For example if you have a hair salon your bill will be much lesser than that of a business owner who is running a restaurant. Similarly if your business is open 24/7 than your bill would be much higher as compared to the one which only operates on weekends.

Your meter type:

Smart meters would give you more accurate and slightly lesser bills as compare to none smart meters. The reason is none smart meters often makes you pay for an estimated billing while you won’t face this with issue with smart meter as its directly connected to your current supplier and your bill is calculated on accurate readings.

Your average energy consumption:

The greater your average annual consumption, the lesser your per unit price will be. So if you’re having a huge or an industrial business, its good news for you and you sure can expect to acquire an impressive quote for your electricity and gas from the suppliers.

Energy consumption graph on elecricity bill
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Your contract length:

The unit rates for one year are comparatively lesser than that of unit rates for 2 years or more. But seemingly it’s always a good decision to lock your prices for a longer term because this way you get secured for a notable time and the inflation of energy cost won’t affect your average bill amount.

Your current provider:

No matter how saturated the energy market is, some business energy suppliers will always be cheaper and equally good than the others. Thus it’s always wise to compare business energy providers before you choose one. Here at “let’s switch” we offer you a wide range of business energy suppliers so that you can make a wise choice according to your consumption and budget.

What makes LET'S SWITCH different?

Let's switch is platform where you can experience the satisfaction of accessing tremendous deals and discounts from almost 80% of all business energy suppliers of UK. From making a comparison till the complete transfer of your energy contract, we will take care of all your documentation for you and will make sure that you stay completely hassle-free throughout the process and get your desired results in no time. Moreover on our website, we have designed the whole procedure in quite user-friendly manner which helps you make the right decision for your business energy in few clicks. And to add more satiation to your overall journey with let's switch, you'll get your dedicated account manager who will handle all your energy related matters for you. And you don't have to invest a single penny of yours in this whole mechanism. So why wait more and pay more?

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Simple FAQ

Let’s switch offer you an up-to-date comparison of competitive rates from almost all suppliers available in your area. This also includes the discounted deals and exclusive packages all under one head to save both your time and effort.

With let's switch it will take no more than 30 seconds to reach dozens of competitive prices which suits both your business energy consumption and accounts. Want to give it a try?

Here at let's switch we have designed the whole procedure of comparison in 3 simple clicks and there you reach the prices in ascending order i.e. from cheapest to highest according to your area and consumption. Want to have a look?

At let's switch we can offer you around 30 business energy suppliers for the fair comparison. However it will also be dependent on the number of suppliers operating in your area to date. So why not give it a check?

For shifting to other suppliers let's switch offer you two possibilities:

  1. You request a call back and one of our energy experts get back to you.
  2. You need to fill our online switching-form for shifting supplier.

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